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Invest In A Hobby: Profitable Collections

When looking at investing in retail or industrial properties, consider two guidelines. If you are looking for a quick buck you may or may not get lucky. Looking at the 10 year performance to date for this list of stocks, a handful of them have actually declined 50% in the past 10 yrs, making them serious lemons! Bcos you can never be sure whether you really got the intrinsic value right, you need to have a margin of safety. After 48 years, the Singapore women table tennis team finally got through the nerve-wrecking semi-finals to end the medal drought. From the time of his comments in November 1999 to the end of October 2008, stocks fell over 2% per year. The biggest risk I see this year is that the market as a whole is fairly valued. It’s FICC (Fixed Income, Currencies, & Commodities) division has been hurt by reduced trading over the past year. You can either live in fear or seize the opportunity to buy high quality large cap stocks trading at reasonable levels today.

The main reason that Goldman Sach is selling so cheap is because it’s trading revenue is way down. I find the hatred of Goldman very interesting and believe the firm needs to do more to salvage it’s reputation in the coming years. Back then, companies routinely went public with little more than a concept. In my earlier post I said “I also like the concept of not losing money. I am reminded of legendary investor Warren Buffett’s investing rules – Rule 1, never lose money. Rule 2, Never forget Rule 1” mmm…. Secondly, they also don’t understand the insurance and how investment returns can be huge if the float is handled by a value investor like Prem Watsa. To see exactly what I am talking about take a look the valueline investment survey for the Dow 30 (Valueline offers free analysis for the Dow 30, click here). Re-look into your analysis and see if there is any truth. As with politics, I think investing shares the same philosophy: there are no sacred cows. He has handly beaten the Oracle of Omaha’s invesment record over the past couple decades and he uses the same vehicle, insurance companies, to get the job done.

The same thing that always does: higher prices. It requires an ignorant population that doesn’t read financial statements, can’t compare prices of securities versus their underlying profits, and has a sheeple-ish mentality that is easily duped by the powers that be. Another method of investing in precious metals is buying shares of mutual funds or other securities that fluctuate with commodity prices. One of the most remarkable things about the investing world is how (correctly) venerated Warren Buffett is and how completely people ignore his investing advice. They each have fees and charges for such things as fund management, accounting, load charges (sales commissions), and administration. Esp when we all have full time jobs and can really handle these things parttime. Both have earned very good returns on captial over the long haul. In 1999, near the top, he opined that stocks would see returns way below those experienced in the bull market up to that time.

If it goes down, likely the broader market will drag all of these companies down. What will bring the public back to stocks? Exxon is extremely well run, and have returned significant amounts of cash back to shareholders in the form of dividends and share buybacks. Large cap stocks have returned zero for the past ten years and investors shun them for that reason. If you want to achieve a large end-game cash pile and don’t need dividends along the way, consider value investing. Their balance sheets are rock solid and most are sitting on billions in cash. Schwab and CSIA are affiliates and subsidiaries of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Too keep this short, here are some other options. Here are what I consider the highlights of his Q3 letter to investors. These low yields are troubling for the stock markets. A way to speed this up is to purchase commission free ETF or a REI, rather than purchase an individual stock. Once you earn 790 points, you will be rewarded with your free 60 day Premium subscription. However, in the long run (4-5 years) you will do fine. Look at the recent history and invest in what has done well the past few years.