Property Investing 101

The Ministry will utilize the Indian grant of Rs 235 million in infrastructure development in the Achchuveli industrial zone. A visiting Mexican diplomat says he was keen to promote Mexican and Indian investments in to Sri Lanka. Real Estate in India is one of most successful investments in the last few years of Indian history. Yes, you had Warren Buffett invest in PetroChina and ConocoPhillips; yes, you had Jean-Marie Eveillard invest in gold; etc. But these investments are a small portion of their portfolios. As the stock market has been and shall remain uncertain, visitors to this strictly non-commercial blog are requested to apply their own prudence and consult their financial advisor before following any of the advice or recommendations mentioned here. The Jardine group has a long and convoluted history which we shall discuss in a minute. The Ministry expects the infrastructure development to be completed by the end of the year.

As the table shows, even if you look at 3 year averages (of say ROE or income growth), the unfavourable businesses look terrible. It’s really hard to overcome the temptation to avoid beaten-down or unfavourable businesses. The steering committee along with Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Ministry, the India Government and the External Resources Department has appointed UNOPS as the project managers for water supply, electricity and road development. Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Ministry Secretary P Sivagnanasothy said the initial work and infrastructure developments are taking place at a rapid phase. Administrative work of the buildings are being done by the National Building Research Organization (NBRO). We are now about to head into the inflationary years in the current cycle. Founders of some other major startups, like Ola and Paytm, have considerably diluted their ownership in the company over the years as they raise more capital, handing much of their stake to SoftBank and Chinese investors. If someone asked around 15 years ago, many would have probably said that telecoms had the advantage but that’s not true right now.

Another question I’ve asked was, What about the due on sale clause? Aldo Ruiz (Investment and trade Commissioner, Mexican Ministry of Economy), said: “Bringing Mexican food processing technology here will enormously assist Sri Lanka’s agro base (to access international markets)”. He expressed strong interest in investing here in food processing, multiplex cinemas and construction, specially shopping complexes. Speaking of Mexican investments in India, Nualart said that housing, industrial electrical transformers, water pumps, catalytic converters and food products are key Mexican manufacturing investments in India. Bathiudeen informed the Mexican delegation that apparel, construction, pharmaceuticals, high-end shopping malls and multiplex cinemas are promising areas for investments in Sri Lanka. In addition, value investors tend to miss “macro trends” which can yield hugely profitable investments. I likely miss out on a lot of opportunities this way, but I also avoid a lot of problems. Bandula Somasiri, Acting Director General of Department of Commerce, addressing the delegation briefed the delegation on Sri Lanka’s liberal trade regime and its opportunities for Mexico.

Identifying focal points of representation for trade in Mexico, and in Sri Lanka, will be a step in this direction, said Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Industry and Commerce. Sri Lanka is keen to expand trade ties with Mexico and eventually gain greater access to markets in the US and Canada. 60.99 million in 2010. Sri Lanka’s exports to Mexico are currently dominated by cinnamon, taking 60% of the total volume. These are some easy to remember passwords but from a security point of view, they are not good. Dr. Blitzer is the Managing Director and Chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) with overall responsibility for index security selection, as well as index analysis and management. For aficionados of indexing there are more exotic vehicles such as index futures, index options and indexed protected products, but I will not try to deal with them here. The usual classes of asset are equities, government bonds (gilts), corporate bonds and fixed interest securities, commodities such as gold and silver, property and finally, cash.