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One is a Reit, while another is an investment holding developer company. Your investment strategy could be as simply as noticing that the house next door is going up for sale and making an offer (yes, that counts as investing too). With more money at their disposal than ever before, VC managers are investing more money in each deal, and making more deals. Over the long haul, money will trickle into your coffers once you’ve put forth that initial capital. Passive income (money that comes in with little or no maintenance effort from yourself) requires extensive capital up front in the form of money, intellectual property, or effort. Commissions to intermediaries can exceed 20%. You’ll want your investment capital to fund the project, rather than the retirement accounts of the intermediaries. You can approximate the house’s likely appreciation or augment the price over time and calculate ROI or the anticipated value of your deals.

Iowa deals mostly with hogs, corn, soybeans, oats, cattle and dairy products on its agricultural side, while its industry sectors include food processing, machinery, electric equipment, chemical products, printing and publishing and primary metals. Other investor could scrutinize the MLS every day looking for new deals. One of the blogs that I enjoy reading is called The Simple Dollar, and he had a curious post written the other day. Every month get a pay cheque of few hundreds to few thousand (if you are the lucky one), after deducting the daily expenses eg. I’m not going back to school to get an MBA or to study real estate. Not every investor comes across every phase, but your entire real estate experience will probably fall into one of these phases at any time. Purchasing property can also vary from investor to investor, but there are some concrete steps that you have to go through.

Analyzing property is very different for every investor. Buy a managed property. That’s one of the reasons that I strongly advocate moving slow in real estate, buying only when you’ve saved up a good down-payment, and making each property cash-flow positive before moving on to the next. They should not be making their own decisions, because they’ll just end up hanging themselves. Since purchase in June (two tranches), the fund has advanced by 1.5% so with a following wind, I am hoping I can draw down my required ‘income’ of 4% from the fund at the end of my first year. An example is Amtek Engineering, which was delisted from SGX in 2007 after being bought out by a PE fund, and was relisted as Interplex Holdings in 2010. And the story did not end there. So it’s not like I bought his servitude for the next couple of months and get a percentage of his future earnings. I’m not saying that you have to get an MBA from Harvard to succeed in real estate investing.

Real estate investing can really be broken up into 5 phases. However if there are valid reasons to believe that some of these co.s can produce decent, stable cashflow in the long run and hence a good return on investment, then perhaps there is an investment case. You can choose to invest your money yourself or you can trust your funds to a specialized broker whose job is to find the best solution for you. You need to invest something of your own into it, whether it be money or ideas or work. 3. To share ideas with other students. So if you believe that a market is oscillating between £1 and £2 a share then of course it makes sense to sell at around £1.90. It has just paid a quarterly distribution of 14.17p per share. We live in a nation where a company that was founded to sell computers to the poor at insane rates, has now expanded it’s line-up to include plasma TVs!

Now it’s confession time. Each phase has it’s own unique demand on your skills and your time. I am a soccer fan, therefore I am aglow with pride over the USA’s victory over Algeria to win their group phase in the World Cup in South Africa. For the most part these projects are regulated by a number of organizations including the World Bank and various carbon exchanges. You need to write up a lease, set up bank accounts, figure out how to run a credit report. I know the media is out there saying the sky is falling. So when I see something that’s utter ridiculous in an article written by a self-proclaimed “investor, entrepreneur and educator”, it dawns on me that there are people out there who won’t realize the foolishness. Of sorts. You see, the last article he wrote, about how horrible mutual funds are (see my post, 4 Lies That Gurus Tell You) wasn’t really written by him.