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I’d argue that 5 stocks across different industries and with different business cycles would be more diversified than 10 stocks of the same sector. They have the bulk of their net worth in the company or business they’re managing. If you make sure that the home based business opportunity you are considering has these factors; then you are most likely going to succeed. If you’re running a sophisticated quant fund with a lot of diversification and a relatively short holding period then a Sharpe Ratio of 1.0 may seem reasonable. I’d also point out that the number of stocks you own is not necessarily a good barometer of diversification. When a highly contrarian investment turns out to be successful, the feeling and positive energy I get from it is incredible. The more rate of return on investment the more a trader can earn money in the long-term investment. Like any skill, you get more comfortable the more you do it, and it’s one hobby that can definitely pay big dividends. SG TTI: I didn’t get into investing, I think it got me. SG TTI: Don’t jump straight in. SG TTI: It’s fun. Not necessarily profitable on a ROI basis, but it sure is fun.

Only 5 co.s generate more than SGD 1bn in operating profits (or OP). Plus, during periods of market volatility, fixed deposits will ensure guaranteed profits that cannot be changed due to fluctuations in interest rates. Next, the professional investor will ask his handyman how much he charges by the hour. For Jan, I will start with interviewing SG Thumbtack Investor aka SG TTI. But in the end most adults will only enjoy a few games before wanting to try something with a bit more challenge and with some competition. Well, few things need to be done or checked while doing so. For the case of our lovely China, the risk-free rate is now roughly 3% while the market earnings yield is 2.5%. This means that the equity risk premium is actually negative! This has been discussed in a previous post, but I would like to emphasize the importance of Earnings Yield, hence the PER strikes back.

One way of using Price Earnings Ratio (PER) is to look at its inverse: Earnings Yield. Sharpe Ratio is equal to the risk tolerance), and the relative answer depends on the Sharpe Ratio you’re using versus typical risk appetite. Generally speaking, investments that have the biggest risk carry with them the highest rewards when things go right. If you buy all these 60 co.s today, you probably have a 12% chance of outperforming the STI on a 1-year investment horizon. Wellhandy: I see myself as inclined similarly towards both FA and TA and as a ‘buy and hold’er: I buy and hold different things for different periods at different times. Decide which bond to buy and how much to invest. This is why there is so much emphasis on accounting. If there have been any circumstances that caused concern, you need to explore those circumstances and follow up with the principals to understand what happened and what was learned. • There is no escrow wallet for contributions (this is where a neutral third party holds and regulates payments so that the ICO project does not have complete freedom over funds).

Slightly less than 300 co.s have between SGD 0.1-1bn in market cap. Slightly more than 200 co.s generate between SGD 0-10mn in OP. When the prices of shares in the recommendations promptly went the opposite direction of the recommendations, I learnt to be more interested in the details of this particular enterprise (buying and selling of shares). One more important thing about it is that buying may be separated from promoting, and one of the most important index options. These are just some of the products that a promotional marketing company may sell to its B2B customers. Which leaves slightly more than 100 loss-making co.s that are listed in Singapore. So much so for Singapore Inc huh? I’d much rather accumulate experiences and memories. 11 co.s have more than SGD 10bn in market cap. It is the ultimate in flexibility but you have to give Uncle Sam his cut. Or stocks that will give me 5.6% return over the long run.