5 Tips on Expanding Your Small Business

Most small business owners have an eye on future growth, but expansion can be a frightening concept even for a seasoned business owner. Finding new clients and diversifying a company’s offerings can be difficult, as can determining the role of social media in marketing. Below are several tips on expanding your small business.

Set up a Financial Plan

All good business plans contain separate sales and marketing plans that deal with customers and competitors, as well as operational and product plans. Such plans drive financials that deal with profit and loss statements, which can help the client understand the changes that may occur in terms of expenses and revenue.

Use Diversification to Expand

If a business owner understands clients’ needs, they can add new products and services and start marketing them immediately. By employing experts in a particular niche, business owners can ensure that new services are of equivalent or better quality than those currently offered. As a rule, diversification plans should address clients’ needs.

Pursue New Markets

Business owners can drive growth by branching out into new, previously untapped fields. Start by putting a few feelers out into the community, and set up a few meetings. By getting the business’ name on potential clients’ short list, owners can break into new markets easily and more cost-efficiently.

Form Alliances

Business owners form alliances because potential partners may have a client base that could provide benefits. When two companies join forces, clients can enjoy one-stop service and easier fulfillment of their needs. If a company has great service delivery, they should partner with other companies that have great marketing and/or client acquisition capabilities.

Use Social Media for Marketing Purposes

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are a good way to let audiences know about new products, sales, events and software. Use corporate social media pages to post relevant and engaging content, and use them as a way to interact with customers on their terms.

While growth is an important consideration for small business owners, many don’t know where to begin the expansion process. By following the tips above, owners can facilitate growth in a manageable way.

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